We love it at the Golden Eagle Festival Opening Party announced the launch date (video) 9c8836

"We love it" at the Golden Eagle Festival Opening Party announced on October 14th to launch Tencent entertainment news October 16th, the high-profile eleventh Golden Eagle TV Art Festival will be held in Hunan grand Changsha. The Golden Eagle opening party, the golden goddess who gets what is popular. But in addition, there is another big event of concern, that is, the opening ceremony will not be invited to a regular, and is the only one of the annual blockbuster debut. The annual production of domestic TV drama more than and 400, the more than 10 thousand set, and only one of the lucky TV series, which is the big drama this year to get an invitation? Reporters learned that the famous director Liu Jiang after a lapse of three years, the return of the king’s new drama "we love it", as the "only", will be unveiled at the grand opening ceremony of golden eagle. Liu Jiangxie Zhang Jingchu, six starring collective debut "we love it" did not broadcast the first television industry China heat as a biennial event, the Golden Eagle Festival is like a grand final, excellent TV works of the past two years to do a centralized summary and recognition. The origin of director Liu Jiang and the Golden Eagle Festival is far more than that. As early as in 2010 and in 2012, he directed the "good times" and "before the dawn" have won a number of awards, such as excellent long drama. In 2014, Liu Jiang is by virtue of "let’s get married" won the best director award for heavy weight. Also in 2012, "let’s get married" just shoot, and invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Golden Eagle Festival for unprecedented attention. A TV just start to receive this honor, which is the golden stage rarely see the scene. It is at this stage, CCTV and Hunan TV made a hitherto unknown beginning — together in prime time broadcast simultaneously "let’s get married", which also created the CCTV prime time broadcast synchronization and local TV drama miracle! 4 years later, "we love it" once again at the golden eagle. In an interview, Liu Jiang said: "the mood is completely different 4 years ago," let’s get married "was still filming, and this" we love it ", has completed all the work late, is a state to be broadcast, like daughter will get married, feeling excited and nervous. This drama from three years ago began to prepare the script, the script writing light for two years, filming took 5 months later and lasted for 6 months, every step of the work, I hope to achieve excellence, apply a popular word, I think I also used a "field force" in the complete drama. I am especially grateful for the support and affirmation of our new Golden Eagle Festival Organizing Committee, especially hope that after the TV broadcast, the audience can get love". It is reported that, "we love it" by the Beijing Television Culture Co., Ltd. perfect paragon Beijing perfect television media Co. Ltd., Beijing Confucianism is intended to Showtime Film Investment Co. Ltd. produced, CO produced potatoes youku. Beijing blue diamond culture media Co., Ltd. is responsible for the whole case marketing. The opening ceremony at the golden eagle, director Liu Jiang, producer Tong Wang will bring Zhang Jingchu, Xinyi Zhang, Lan Qin, Yuan Hong, Zhang Xilin Ming, grand debut. A surprising news is that 20 years before the voice director Liu Jiang, and also starring six.相关的主题文章: