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Fashion-Style There are many professionals who know what it takes to make a bride, the most beautiful lady in the wedding. However, with below mentioned tips and advices, most bride-to-be women can try their hand in getting ready all by themselves on their wedding day. A woman would certainly prefer to look like a princess on the most auspicious occasion of her life. Correct bridal wear and make-up is necessary to impulse bridal outlook with the vibrancy of the occasion. Here are a few tips for .posing your make-up on your wedding day, following which you can extend the lifespan of your make-up for that beautiful evening. Your make-up has to .plement your bridal gown as well as accessories. Basics of wedding make-up You need to follow up specific pre-makeup tips to ensure its sturdy .position. Firstly, exfoliate your skin with the use of fruit scrubs. Presence of dead skin cells makes your skin appear duller. Skin regeneration is a natural process, but as new cells are formed, the dead cells are pushed forward and to form a mask on your skin. So let your skin exfoliate and rehydrate to remove dead cells and make way for fresh ones. Use a good primer and spread your foundation evenly on your face, neck, nape, and visible portions of your ear. The primer should not be too contrasting with your skin color. You can apply a primer tone that can lighten your skin shade by two with its normal application. Spread it evenly on the mentioned areas, so that the color of your face does not seem too contrasting with your body color. In summer season, you can apply ice-bags on your skin gently before applying primer. The ice would keep your skin cool and prevent the primers fallout due to sweat. For women with oily skin, mini-matt foundation would be suitable. If you need gloss, then put it on a matt base. Women with normal or dry skin can put a foundation with matt texture. .pliment your foundation Glossy foundations are not a good idea for oily skin. Gloss is to be applied in minimal amount on a matt base to obtain that glaze. Long eyelashes symbolizes bridal beauty, so apply water proof mascara with hyper curl technique, so that your eyelashes can be curled up and made to appear longer. Usually, bridal eye lining has to be slim and tender; use sweat proof and waterproof eyeliners. You can stretch the lining if you want and divide the lines end portion into two segments. This makes smaller eyes appear larger. If you want the pinkish glow on your skin, use pink eye-shadow and cheek shadow. You can use a glossy lip shade as well as a matt one, but that has to .plement your skin tone. Baby pink shades or very light coral tones look good on dark skinned individuals. Raspberry shades and red tones are suitable for fair skinned individuals. Light and glossy browns as well as deep corals can be effectively utilized by olive-skinned individuals. You can apply low amount of glitter powder on your eyelids, cheek and chin. To endorse a captivating persona on the most auspicious day of your life, you should follow up these effectual bridal make-up tips . These are solely meant to .plement a bridal persona to its extreme. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: