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The weekend reading | children, your efforts, your future is the mother road – Sohu Shuyu dad source network 1, on the weekend, I was sitting at my desk as usual busy. My son moved a pile of books on my desk. I asked him why he had so many books. The little guy winked to me and says "you say you want to me to read more books? I’m going to finish reading these books today." "Well, try to start!" I’ve seen my influence on this four year old kid. Because I always hope he can study hard. I think he can stick to it, should study hard, in the future he will certainly say thank you. I have seen countless people in the reading of the time to play, and out of the school gate, time and again by the community". So, let the children work hard, is to his love. And no matter whether the end will harm the child. 2, some time ago, the grandmother’s birthday, a long time ago about a good dinner together, but there is a cousin almost can not come, she always absent that one. Because the family in general, parents when she was very young to go out to work, she left behind at home, coming to the middle school with their parents to the city to work around, eat a lot of pain, do a few years down from the waiters in the restaurant to another hotel waiter. So when everyone eats, she has to go to work. The character is cowardly, false also dare not please. Luckily, she was able to escape to help sister leave the dinner. Her sister belongs to the kind of hard work, because in rural schools, learning is very poor, but she still hard to study. Although reading is a secondary school of accounting, but after graduation after several years of practice, but also adhere to self-study examination. Have a decent job, a platform for development. We chat together. Her two plan for her life is different, because one has the direction and the goal, feel that they can work hard to learn, to reach a new level, such as accounting is escalating. But the waiter’s cousin can not see their own future, she is worried about how long they can stay in this place, the next time to find a thing to do. And when she just came out, I still gave him to find a school, suggested that she read a few years. But she cried for three days and begged her mother to drop out. For the first time she went to a strange school, she couldn’t get used to it. The result was not very willing to send her to school’s mother took her back to end the donkey. Now to see her like this, can only hope to get sadly sigh, treat life. 3, I have been grateful to their high school teacher in charge of a class, she told me that you must strive to enter the University, because this is your only way out, remember, do not bow to fate. Then hear the teacher said just unsuspectingly, very seriously, is good for me. So when reading!相关的主题文章: