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What about adding wine to the juice? An article to let you know – small also Beijing in August 2016, Changyu launched the first domestic juice the Wine — small also. The first batch of products have two flavors, namely grape flavor and apple flavors, a bottle of 275ml small also suggested retail price of 13.8 yuan. The birth of inspiration small also originated from Spain’s Sangria (Sangaria). As early as 2000, Wine in the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Spain) formed a new category, namely "sangria". Insan Anglia has the characteristics of refreshing taste, drink wine, easy to drink alcohol variety, quickly swept Europe and the United States, Europe has become a popular drink. Today, the international popular drink Changyu to Chinese, pioneered the first China plus juice Wine — small grapes in the industry. Small grape fruit raw materials from the "Shuiguozhixiang" reputation of Shandong Yantai. Yantai is located at 37 degrees north latitude, year-round precipitation suitability, moderate climate, excellent make their production of fruit quality, such as "Yantai apple", with the characteristics of a big juicy, sweet and delicious and famous in the world, has become the representative of China apple, are exported to Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions. Therefore, the use of Yantai high quality grape fermentation Wine and 100% pure Apple Juice mixed brewed little also, with rich nutrition and taste Wine and Apple Juice, fresh, fruity, pure, refreshing, smooth, tasty and healthy. Small grape wine degree is 4, low easy drink not easy drunk, very suitable for those who want to drink do not drink, "a cup that is inverted" consumers drinking. At the same time, small also has rich bubbles, refreshing taste, drink a variety, chilled taste better. The small grape production line is factory – Krones bottling line design built by the world’s most advanced, it can realize the filling speed of up to 15000 hours of bottle. At the same time, it is also Chinese Wine industry first PET bottles and glass bottles production line, can realize the sealing, labeling, packing and palletizing glass bottle and PET bottle.     production line small also equipped with ball top wine system, can run in the production of automatic start and stop, to ensure that the product is no mixing, no pollution, no waste. Not only that, the production line is also equipped with a full set of intelligent IT system, including the production line management system (LMS), production line data diagnosis system (LD) and production line maintenance system (KAM), intelligent management, batch production and single production orders and single line efficiency of real-time monitoring, material consumption analysis, the running state of the equipment and maintenance management functions. Production information with product traceability system help Changyu end consumer products directly back from the hands of the small also, maximize market Chuanhuo and eliminate the fake and shoddy products, the optimization of factory management, improve the efficiency of the whole plant. Small also listed, to further enrich the Changyu product system, bring the wine consumer choice more and more personalized for consumers. At the same time, it meets the current pursuit of nutrition, low,.相关的主题文章: