White side refuted the center of the decline I think only 2 teams do not have a good center-zngay

White edge center of withered: I can refute only 2 teams have white edge center of sina sports center. That November 23rd Beijing time, according to the "Sun Sentinel" reported that in recent years, with the emergence of more and more of NBA’s best point guard, "the traditional center continues to decline" has become a common point of view. But in the heat center Hasen – Whiteside, this view is not established. "In the center position, there is no game that makes me feel relaxed." The heat lost to 76 people yesterday after the game, white said. There is no doubt that the white side is one of the best center in the NBA, both offensive and defensive. This summer, he signed a $4 contract with the Miami Heat for $98 million. So far this season, the white side of the field were 18.8 points, 15.9 rebounds and 2.7 blocks. Yesterday, the heat and the 76 game, white and Nebid this is the biggest center of the confrontation between the two. Although the heat lost the game, but the white side to get a career high 32 points, plus 13 rebounds. Nebid played 23 minutes, get a score of 22 and 3 blocks, the performance is very good. So on the white side, he did not understand why so many people look bad today’s NBA number five. "Even Nebid, he said after the game that we are bringing the center back." White said, "those who say that the center of the dead people must not see the game, because I can in every game on the excellent center, Dwight – Howard, Drummond, Michael essien." "There are many outstanding center in the league, even ghazil Okafor off the bench, he is also very good." "I would like to say," NBA said, "there are probably only two teams in the world who don’t have a really good center. But the other teams have a very good center." Although the white side did not specify the two teams who did not have a good center who are, but perhaps we can guess a little. (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: