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Automobiles NAMES of who should replace Paula Abdul as American Idol judge have been going around since Abdul tendered her resignation early this month. Ive heard Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, and many others. While on board a Beverly Hills limo, as Im in this town of the superstars to visit a former colleague who now works as writer for a childrens show, I contemplate on the best women of music and Alanis Morissette would always pop up. She is a singer, songwriter and record producer who knows her craft very well. Shes not one of the many, shes unique and her music definitely served an imprint for current musical artists. She is like this limo rental based in Orange County. Ive been on it for 10 minutes now but Im still in awe. See, its not everyday that I get to ride a chauffeured OC limo rental, thus feeling so thrilled. Its been five years since I last booked an OC party limo rental. Back to Alanis, I read on Rolling Stone that she has a book in the works, cant wait to read it! This is a work of a genius. I still have her Jagged Little Pill and Under Rug Swept albums in my trove along with other beautiful albums from Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Garbage, Chicago, and Sheryl Crowe among others. Wait, Sheryl Crowe is a nice choice, too, for the A.I judges seat. Like Alanis, Sheryl knows her craft as she is not only a singer and songwriter but a former music teacher as well in Missouri. Contestants to American Idol will surely learn so much from her. Sheryl churned out songs with societal impact like If It Makes You Happy, A Change Would Do You Good and Everyday Is A Winding Road among many others. Just like with wedding limousines in Los Angeles, American Idol shouldnt bring in somebody just because shes controversial, but take into consideration the contribution of that artist to the music industry and how big an influence she has been throughout the years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: