Why do you always say that you do not let the sunroof owners do (video) shishangqiyi

Why do you always say that the roof is not safe to let you open the car owners do not use the car sunroof threat to the life of the car sunroof, sunroof models have been used as a symbol of high-end. Some people think that it is just furnishings, or fashion trends, few people know the real role of the skylight. There are friends who will ask whether the roof will not be safe, because the glass looks lighter than the metal. Now let’s talk about the sunroof. Auto sunroof installed in the roof, can effectively make the car air circulation, increase the fresh air into the car, for the owners to enjoy a healthy and comfortable enjoyment. At the same time, car sunroof can also broaden their horizons, but also commonly used in the shooting needs of mobile photography. The sunroof can be roughly divided into: external sliding type, built-in, concealed eversion and panoramic and curtain etc.. Mainly installed in commercial SUV, cars and other models. First, the function of the skylight: to change the traditional way of changing the ventilation of the car sunroof changed the traditional form of ventilation, wind blowing in the formation of a stream of air, the car will be out of the turbid air. The car at high speed, the air flow around the car from the fast, when the roof is open, the car outside a zone of negative pressure, due to a difference in the pressure inside and outside the car, the car will be able to draw the foul air, to reach the aim of ventilation, to always keep fresh air inside. Rapid removal of glass fog is a quick and easy way to remove fog. Especially in the summer two season, rain, humidity. Car knows, if in the process of driving car side window closed, will increase the temperature difference between inside and outside, the front windshield glass is easy to form fog. Although most cars are equipped with anti fog device, but some effect is not so obvious. Drivers only need to open the skylight roof after Alice ventilation position, can easily eliminate the front windshield fog, ensure traffic safety. Quick cooling and energy saving and energy saving. In the hot summer, the car in the sun for an hour, the temperature inside the car can easily reach 70 degrees celsius. Open the door, a heatwave will Pumianerlai, for many people, are immediately open the air conditioner to reduce the temperature inside the car. In fact, if you have a car sunroof version of the car, just open the sunroof, driving the negative pressure in the process of formation of roof exhaust hot air by the vehicle can reach the purpose of rapid cooling ventilation, the use of this method is 2-3 times faster than the use of automotive air conditioning cooling speed, but also save gasoline. Skylight misuse: driving lean skylight view (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sunshine, breeze blowing, open bath some sunshine (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) is not enough, the car’s can stand up and leaned out of the window and feel the charm of nature. This seemingly good behavior but there are no small danger, because standing on a chair, put his head out of the sunroof, so no protective measures, when the vehicle brakes or the vehicle was after the car crashes, the people can not stand, prone to injury, may be thrown out of the car. Many models of the sunroof with automatic shutdown function, in case of extinction, it is easy to be injured. Two, sunroof will not affect the safety of the car: the daily life of the roof need to have security.相关的主题文章: