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Why don’t I do VC? The question of the reply and thinking – Sohu science and technology reply 1) at least to do in the industry for 10 years, really can see through the 20 years? I agree with this view, but why should it be 10 or 20 years in a row? And especially for what I call "young people", 10 years of industrial experience, coupled with the investment of the past 10 years, I think the probability is more beneficial than the investment in the past 20 years. What’s more, I can invest for 2 years, the industry in the past 5 years, and then invest for another 20 years I think that whatever they do, all the most important is to find the essence of things, is a way of investment, operation is a way of FA, and did not. I love the most is the long term investment of things (I don’t even have to invest as a job or industry), that the long time dimension, we should do more good things to make up. To quote a similar statement to express my point of view is: "when you plan your career, give yourself enough time, such as 10 years. Then think again, you want to become the most top in the field of 3-5 individuals, you need to have what kind of experience?" Then my personal point of view is that, as a young people who have no experience in the industry to enter the VC industry, continuous 10 years, 20 years, is not the best solution to the problem. 2) VC is a very good career? VC is a very good job, and a lot of people have talked about it. Can do VC itself is on the fast track, make a temporary leave of choice is my personal problem. I am accustomed to the pursuit of the ultimate growth curve, the input and output ratio of time requirements and even some paranoia, so I hope to do each of the options can maximize efficiency. Although the results may not be the case, they often suffer. For example, for many people, the experience of a trough in the industry is indeed able to learn a lot of things. So this choice and the reason is actually very personal, so many people feel uncomfortable, I think it is also very understanding. Generally speaking, I am still in the stage of divergent life, and life is indeed the need for convergence. This is my own reflection, and efforts to correct. For those who have been in the industry for many years, even if the fresh students come in, but there is a good understanding and starting point, ready to do, and is willing to do VC people, I really envy you. 3 do not rely on luck to truly understand the investment? I think the theoretical and logical framework is very important, and most of the time it comes from experience. But I am also a more emphasis on the general trend, rather than personal ability. Personal ability is very important, but can not resist the trend. So, I think the real experience, theory, framework, what is in luck comes, try to enlarge the infinite probability to grasp the trend, but the probability is high, also cannot do without the basis of luck and potential. 4) sales orientation and information asymmetry exist in all industries ah? Is.相关的主题文章: