Why is the classic Japanese car was born in the bubble economy period – Sohu car ca1871

Why is the classic Japanese car was born in the bubble economy period? The car in the car – Sohu in the circle of Japanese old car is a lot of fans segments. In this group, there are Sivlia S13 playing this kind of old drift car, also play Pajero EVO senior game player and cross-country, collection of old crown. As one of the no production of classic Japanese old cars, TOYOTA LC70 behind also has many fans, even if it is already on the market for 32 years, but each one has LC70 owners will be full of praise for this old car. In fact, in all the old car owners to play in the mouth, these cars are the best of each. If we take the time axis push forward you will find these, in the eyes of everyone known as absolute classic Japanese old car, was almost in the same period, it is Japan’s bubble economy period. Japan’s bubble economy period from the beginning of last century to the middle of 80s to 90s, a little more clear is from December 1986 to February 1991 between four years and three months. This period is also Japan’s rapid economic development since the late 60s ushered in the second major development. However, this time the economy was supported by a large number of speculative speculation, so after the bubble burst caused the Great Depression of the Japanese economy. In the economic field that rut do not understand so you, not to read, but in that era, with the rapid development of the Japanese economy, Japanese cars from other ideas or engineering ideas are ushered in a great development, and the period of the Japanese car is worth us to study. So, next, let’s talk about Japanese cars of that era. By the impact of the bubble economy, the late 80s of last century in the early 90s, the birth of the Japanese car design concept is very advanced, and the representative of the models is RV models. RV car is the abbreviation of Recreational Vehicle, which is the meaning of recreational vehicles. Compared to the clear positioning of the business as well as the family car, RV car product positioning will be more leisure and entertainment. This is consistent with Japan’s economic characteristics of that era, hedonism is on the rise. For example, this car. At the Tokyo International Auto Show on 1989, TOYOTA unveiled a concept car, called RAV-FOUR, known as RAV4 and this is not the same, the first generation RAV4 was born in 1994, after the Japanese economic bubble was burst, and this RAV-Four concept car is born in the bubble economy the peak. By comparing the two, we can see the difference. RAV-Four concept car is located in a pure off-road demand for off-road vehicles, in terms of appearance is the use of bold and straight waterfall grille design and Jeep similar round headlights. The design of the trunk open, and the roof also features a quick disassembling structure. Complete hedonism. The first generation of RAV4, which was born in 1994, is clearly better than the concept of RAV-Four!相关的主题文章: