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Business The .pany ID card is often a HID card that has been made multifunctional by using a badge printer to print custom ID information on the surface of the card. The HID prox card is the same size as your driver"s license or credit card. This important card, does not only identify that you are an employee of the .pany; it also allows authorized employees to enter specific doors and .puter network systems at certain times of certain days. How can a small card provide so much power? The card has embedded information inside that does not have the capability of opening a door. .bined with other access .ponents, the system works in conjunction with the card to identify the cardholder and verify that they are approved to enter the building or the .puter network to conduct appropriate business. To allow the card to work, it must be .bined with an access control panel and a .puter that is attached to a card reader. The system actually replaces a human security officer that monitors the .ing and going of employees. With accurate, detailed reporting, the system provides reporting that management can use to monitor business activities. The card contains embedded binary code (ones and zeros) that are specific to the card holder. Each card contains a unique number that is also logged into a database of information in a .puter. The database is also filled with specific information authorizing that card number to gain access at various times. When a card holder wishes to open the door or log on the .puter, the HID card is held near or swiped through a card reader. The reader is able to extract the embedded binary code and send it on its way to the access control system. The software program is able to analyze the database and match the code to the approved access information logged into the software. If the cardholder is authorized to enter at that time, the software transmits access approval to the door or .puter, and the access is granted. If the cardholder is not approved for access the system will either send a response back indicating that access has been denied or there will be no response at all. The system is easily maintained by the security officials in the .pany. The database can be modified as needed for immediate change in authorization. With appropriate credentials, the appropriate .pany personnel can update card holder information, enable and disable card activation, and configure the needed .puter or door hardware that allows access. Management can pull various access data reports to monitor employee activities and review security issues that will increase the performance of the .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: