With the completion of the transaction announced the merger and reorganization of Wanda tourism cash happynewyear

With the completion of the transaction announced the merger and reorganization of Wanda tourism cash reserves will exceed 5 billion yuan Sina Francisco October 9th message, after the acquisition of Ctrip where to go, the fate of the same way and the way cattle two little giant only online travel industry concern. This afternoon, announced that with the way tourism, with the way tourism under the same way of International Travel Agency (Group) the merger and reorganization of Wanda Group, Wanda tourism, the transaction will achieve this transaction through cash and stock form. After the completion of the transaction, with the way travel market value will be more than 20 billion yuan, more than $5 billion in cash reserves. At the same time the same way also said that its management has completed a new round of the company’s $1 billion capital increase, continue to maintain the proportion of voting rights. Public information, Wanda tourism was founded in October 2013, after the establishment in Hubei, Beijing, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shenzhen, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Yunnan and other eleven provinces of the local travel agency for the acquisition, has a total of 12 line travel agency. 2014, revenue 7 billion 510 million yuan in 2015 revenue of $12 billion 10 million. At the end of 2014, with the way tourism and Wanda tourism signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed to carry out extensive cooperation in product development, sourcing, brand marketing and mobile Internet, agencies will also travel with the way of opening Wanda tourism’s travel. At that time there was news that Wanda tourism the next step may be through investment in the same way to get to travel online travel to the sea, but also as tourist resources in its subsequent integration of its online platform. Things are indeed in accordance with the direction of the imagination. In July 3, 2015, announced that with the way tourism, Wanda culture group 3 billion 580 million yuan investment strategy with the way tourism, common investors and Tencent win fund industry, CITIC Capital and many other institutions, a total investment of over 6 billion yuan. Wanda became the largest shareholder in the same way after the investment. A month before the disclosure of investment information, with the way tourism announced the split into two business segments: the same way network and with the way travel agency (Group), were the focus of air tickets, hotels, train tickets and other standard products for the main business and leisure travel destination and scenic spots as the core of the business sector. With the way travel CEO Wu Zhixiang said, with the way travel will be timely to promote the two plates of independent IPO, large-scale profit is expected to take the lead in the same way network listing, the future does not rule out backdoor listing. With the way tourism listed bumpy road. In early May 2012, the same way network in the tens of millions of dollars of investment Tencent, announced the launch of the market, but in 2013 A shares window, the same way network IPO process also will be suspended, and last May, July, December, the same way has repeatedly said that the launch of the market, in December, Wu Zhixiang also expressed the hope that the same way can a registration system after the start of the completion of listed companies, listed on the A shares in 2016. But then the stock market into the volatile period, the State Council decided to suspend the IPO, the strategic emerging board has also been suspended, the same way to travel to the market and increase the number of variables. For the same way split, giants President Wei Changren has analyzed that the current y相关的主题文章: