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Word mom, too much of my boots, see it dominate the season! Every time to the early autumn, sister Fun choice dyslexia index instantly soared to the full, in the end what to wear to get through this difficult season? Set tease ratio and talent in a Fun sister, of course, second speed to find the perfect solution – short boots! So, 360° full three-dimensional autumn boots to wear cheats officially released!! Please tell me what the word does not fall, a poor appreciation of yo ~ boots with a skirt although a larger temperature difference, the temperature is low, but still have a sister paper will cling to the last little tail to show a charming legs, short boots + skirt CP away! This skirt for neat and stylish items, choose to avoid short boots too complex, absolutely not too personality!!!! very hot eyes… It is pure simple temperament ~ Milan fashion week 2017: Bottega Veneta ultra luxurious aristocratic feast boots with Dress Boots + dress Fun is a sister in the new season of love collocation! Do not consider the upper and lower body collocation, one will get! What is this convenient to wear?! Well, I admit that I’m lazy… But the dress is really an expert in tibet! To tell the truth, sister Fun belongs to the type of fat, so the dress is simply life saver, back waist slim design with skirt all want to buy home!!!! short boots boots and long skirts and long skirts are short stature to test myself, please choose high waisted or decisive mushroom cool version of simple. As for the boots, with slightly higher, you know! Tall graceful tall girl, how do you want to wear it, after all, suggest you wear when the height of wayward… Skirt ah, don’t waste a good figure! Street captured the hearts of one not call ~ boots and jeans have to say, the closet is the largest jeans, various styles of everything! I believe that the jeans again fire 100 years So easy. When the jeans and boots group CP, select the tight or loose hole and fringed section will look better, because too much leg meat meat are not willing to leave me, sister Fun can only choose loose style ~ boots with slacks suit pants are white collar ladies favorite, but sister Fun love is not too formal, it will choose the design sense of trousers and boots, pants, red stripe ~ BF wind everyone can try, a good thin effect! Short boots with wide leg pants last week, Fun sister into a thick black wide leg pants, with wine red boots just fine! Come, return to the point, wide leg pants length chosen to completely expose the boots, neat without pulling significant high efficacy, but also show the beautiful boots, killing two birds with one stone! Of course, if you have a long leg, you don’t have to think too much about the length of your pants相关的主题文章: