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World of Warcraft: "the second coming" 7 National Service Corps has been on the line – game on 1 September, "World of Warcraft: the Legion has officially launched the second coming" piece of information, the national service also synchronized on-line and global. In the "Legion coming" piece of information, in addition to skill talent changes, the new role of "demon hunter" has officially appeared, but also enhance the level cap to 110. According to cnBeta reports, "return" to the British Legion daylight time on August 29th at 23 in the evening. A live blogger named "Fragnance" took only 5 hours and 28 minutes to raise his "demon hunter" (level 98) to full. In order to become the world’s first reached the level of the game player, Fragnance several weeks ago and buddy Gingi team, started in the "Legion coming" test version upgrade planning route, and finally in the open service first time top success. Prior to other players in the test suit the fastest upgrade record for 8 hours full. "World of Warcraft" 7 national service has now been updated, the first full level players when it appears? The following is the official announcement: "World of Warcraft’s" piece of information: the Legion has officially launched! Now you can go to the Broken Isles to complete your mission. Find and learn the use of the legendary power of the artifact weapon, with like-minded warriors in the Professional hall to fight for your goals. At this juncture, you will encounter a hunter once banished Eldad ray and betrayal of Illidan’s demons, these are evil can distort the believers with taboo alliance. If you fail…… The whole world will be into flames. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: