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Xianning will welcome the BRT bus in 2020 will build 4 bus rapid transit system is now the main city of Xianning has more than 10 bus lines, the street can take a taxi, travel is very convenient, but there is a place that is the exception… Hi tech Zone, where both the bus and taxi is also relatively less. The people here work life brings a lot of trouble. But Xiao Bian brings good news today! In order to completely solve this problem, Xianning recently developed a public transport planning of high-tech zones. It is understood that there are only four bus lines in Xianning high tech Zone, namely, 3 Road, K1 Road, Xianning line and hot spring line, and only 31 pairs of bus stops. Taxi is also rare, you travel basically rely on enterprise owned vehicles, as well as electric cars, motorcycles. In order to solve the problem of public travel, Xianning hi tech Investment Group Limited company commissioned by the city planning and Design Institute to develop the "Xianning high tech Zone 2016 to 2030 public transport planning", carried out in two stages. The first stage is to 2020. According to the plan, the high-tech zone will build 4 bus rapid transit systems in the core area, that is, the BRT bus. What is BRT bus? Rapid transit is a new bus passenger transport system between rail transit and general bus, known as the "ground subway", it is the use of modern scheduling system, opening up public roads and the construction of the new bus station, for rail traffic mode operation services. At the same time, the high tech Zone will greatly increase the number and number of ordinary bus lines. According to the spatial layout of the five Park "two port city, identified in the financial information of Hong Kong, Yokomizo Town, Xincheng vocational education and high-tech integrated industrial park set up four bus link; to strengthen the contact zone and the main city of Xianning, will retain the existing four bus line; to achieve diversification, short of public park and convenient targets, by 2020, will increase the 7 bus line in the bus did not pass. By 2020, high tech Zone will configure 324 cars per million people have 8 sets of bus level models with 20 to 30 medium-sized cars, large passenger line will configure large bus. In addition, before 2020, high tech Zone is expected to set up a new taxi company, the configuration of the vehicle 360 units, operating in high-tech area, greatly facilitate travel. (reporter Deng Chao) related video BRT open half a year, change Yichang habitat work road relaxed

咸宁将迎BRT公交 2020年将兴建4条快速公交系统 现在咸宁主城区有十多条公交线路,大街上随处可以坐到的士,市民出行都很方便,但是有一个地方例外…那就是高新区,在这里无论是公交车,还是出租车相对来说都少得多,给这里工作生活的人们带来不少苦恼。不过,小编今天带来一个好消息!为了彻底解决这一问题,咸宁近期制定了高新区公共交通规划。据了解,咸宁高新区目前仅有四条公交车线路,分别是3路、K1路、咸宁线和温泉线,公交站点仅有31对。的士也是难得一见,大家出行基本上靠企业的自备车辆,以及电动车、摩托车。为了解决市民出行难题,咸宁高新投资集团有限公司委托市城市规划设计院制定了《咸宁高新区2016到2030年公共交通规划》,分两个阶段实施,其中第一个阶段是到2020年。按照规划,高新区将在核心区域兴建4条快速公交系统,也就是常说的BRT公交。什么是BRT公交?快速公交是介于轨道交通和普通公交之间的一种新型公交客运系统,被称为“地面上的地铁”,它是利用现代化的调度制度,开辟公交专用道路和建造新式公交车站,实现轨道交通模式的运营服务。与此同时,高新区还将大幅度增加普通公交线路和数量。按照“一港两城五园”的空间布局,确定在金融信息港、横沟新城、职教新城和高新技术综合产业园增设四条公交环线;为加强园区与咸宁主城区联系,将保留现有的四条公交主线;为实现园区公交多样化、短程化、便捷化的目标,到2020年,将在未通公交的地方增加7条公交支线。到2020年,高新区将配置324台车,达到每万人拥有8台公交车的水平,车型以20到30座的中型车为主,客流量较大的线路将配置大型客车。另外,2020年之前,高新区有望新成立一家出租车公司,配置车辆360台,在高新区范围内营运,大大方便市民出行。(记者 邓超)相关视频 BRT开通半年改变宜昌人居 上班路轻松了相关的主题文章: