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Xie Jun: Women’s team won the maturity of men’s failure is not a bad thing Chinese according to the National Women’s team won the Orsay national administrative micro-blog reports, author: tal Beijing time on the night of September 13th, from Azerbaijan Baku good news! In the forty-second Chess Olympiad team season finale, China women’s team 2.5 1.5 Lectra defending champion Russian women’s team, with 11 round nine wins two flat field points 20 and the absolute advantage, after a lapse of 12 years after winning the Olympic champion! Four after Xie Jun has been paying close attention to the dynamic Olympiad, she is also the first time for the women’s victory congratulations. Xie Jun believes that the China women this time thanks to a good attitude and team spirit. "I feel the team mentality was positive, the whole team atmosphere especially good. Although the game has once is not particularly successful, but each round will have a key role as a scorer, let people see the whole team and I think the momentum, Chinese women fully deserve to win!" Recent Olympiad, China women’s team has been repeatedly in the lineup, but the key matches played poorly, and missed the Vera Ming chuck trophy, regrettable. In this tournament, Chinese women play stability, seven wins and two draws, they are the only unbeaten team. Xie Jun said the top marks the successful China mature women. In fact, a new generation of women China these players would grow up. Each player, either Hou Yifan, or other several players, all are general. The average level of their points, in the past few Olympiad will have certain advantages. The Olympics can win back the champion, marking a new generation of women has grown Chinese. In fact, I feel that China win women’s team in the Ukraine team, the momentum up, feeling is found, the rhythm is on. Although the front of Vietnam and Romania is not very smooth, but they did not because of the small setbacks on the big fluctuations, which is the performance of maturity. I believe in the future, Chinese women can continue so brilliant." Turning to the future, Xie Jun said: "now the whole Chinese’s age configuration is ideal, no matter when it comes to play in the younger players, or reserve forces. Of course, looking for new young players, the team has the potential to continue training is an eternal topic. I believe that there is such a result to do lead, through the continuous strengthening of reserve forces, to increase the popularity and promotion efforts, continue to explore in the market, the Chinese chess tomorrow will be better than today." The men’s tournament China poor play, as the defending champion, in the game they have lost to Ukraine, Britain and Hungary, eventually ranked only thirteenth, far lower than the public expected. But Xie Jun believes that the Chinese this experience is very valuable experience. Xie Jun said: "Chinese’s this competition, people seem to feel a bit just passable. But I think this is a normal play. Our boys are certainly holding the mentality to defending, but in the Olympic men’s team, the competition is far more intense than in the past." "This competition, should be said Chinese men not fully express"相关的主题文章: