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Yang Mi Tang Yan gathered in New York alone Li Yifeng fashion week as saying the strongest green lead: once a year fashion week begins, the first station in New York will be in New York on September 7th, as a senior fashion week report, Sina fashion to bring you the New York fashion week on the China star map at a glance to see the show, stars. (specific to attend screenings are subject to time) the sisters Yang Mi + Tang Yan in New York fashion week Yang Mi watch brand Kors Tang Yan Watch: Michael brand: Coach sisters Yang Mi + Tang Yan in New York fashion week first thing Yang Mi + Tang Yan this pair of sisters, when the wedding bridesmaid Tang Yan Yang Mi, this privately girls also like about though, this year in New York fashion week. Yang Mi Tang Yan Tang Yan will debut at the Coach show, this is not the first time she appeared in New York. Good bestie Yang Mi this to go to New York to watch the Michael Kors show, when waiting for the two best bestie in the show inside and outside spell clothing products, legs show. Why is Li Yifeng alone New York fashion week Li Yifeng Watch Brand: Coach Li Yifeng finished the two after that, you may ask: why is Li Yifeng alone? The answer is obvious: This is the women’s week, so the star is very rare. In fact, the male star to see women’s week is also the first time, before Dou Xiao and Wu Chun watched the women show, when asked if they see the show feel, say can not enjoy the same beauty, of course, but also for the estimation of a loved one pick clothes. This Li Yifeng and Tang Yan appeared together Coach show, men’s week has peak in Europe seckill spotlight to this, Yan value sprinkled on the land of New York. Hua Fei goddess + Zhang Li unveiled Tadashi Shoji Jiang Xin Watch Brand: Tadashi Shoji Zhang Li: Tadashi Shoji, TORY watch brand BURCH  Jiang Xin Zhang Li called the New York Tadashi Shoji to have the fairy brand Hua Fei goddess Jiang Xin and Belle Zhang Li this year, Jiang Xin as a brand of friends is not the first appearance in New York, and his style is very fit the Tadashi seems to be the love of Jiang Xin, besides Zhang Li also unveiled TORY BURCH. My cousin Liu Wen with bestie Zhang Zilin show Liu Wen Watch Brand: Tommy Hilfiger: Tommy Hilfiger Liu Wen Zhang Zilin watch brand Zhang Zilin Ma Su cousin Liu Wen to join the good bestie Zhang Zilin unveiled the Tommy Hilfiger show, saying the two girls are really good bestie, micro-blog delivers the blessing is not new, but the two 175CM+ tall girl on the same show, it really is the first time that day, in addition to the two bestie, Ma Su will debut. 00 after the beauty Ouyang debut Marc J.相关的主题文章: