Yao Yaping entrepreneurs should make the right decisions, not the easy ones boee

The boiling point of capital Yao Yaping: entrepreneurs who want to make the right decision, and not easy to decide editor’s note: I believe there are a lot of entrepreneurs there will be such a problem: I should go to the station on the air outlet, after all, are more likely to get the money? The failure rate of entrepreneurship is so high, what is the first reason behind their failure? What is the truth about early business? Why do you think there is a potential for a "quick start" in the early years? Entrepreneurs and investors in the end how to get along? What is the real reason for the "capital cold winter"? In order to work with you to figure out these problems, today’s WeChat, to share some time ago, Mr. Yao Yaping when the investor said, about their own investment in the past 10 years. His feelings and thoughts should be worth the time to read. Yao Yaping, boiling capital partners, has 10 years of experience in Internet investment. Prior to joining boiling capital, Yao Yaping is executive director of highland capital. Previously, Yao Yaping worked for the hina group, Baidu investment department and the triumph of venture capital. Yao Yaping case of the investment group 7k7k, stock car network, radar, where to go, anjuke, HYLINK and other outstanding enterprises.   1, the economic cycle, it is said that entrepreneurship and investment, such as mountain climbing, but in my opinion, the two are more like surfing, the trend is a wave after wave to move forward. If you in a 3 meter high waves, you may turn over, to win some applause. And if you can meet a 12 meter high waves, you can have a chance to even do some fancy somersaults, a remarkable career achievement. In fact, the waves are not common, most of the time you can encounter are small waves. The waves come to wait, once the waves come and you will be able to hold it. The size of the wave for entrepreneurs is luck, for the enterprise is the cycle. Entrepreneurs need to jump out of the circle of their own vision, standing in the industry cycle of development. For example, the Internet business, probably every two or three years a small cycle, a large cycle of six or seven years. The development of a company need to almost five to seven years, the middle will experience two or three peaks and valleys, we see every cycle will have the achievements of several great company. The real test of a company is in the trough. When the market is good does not reflect your advantage, in the process of entrepreneurs need to face the economic cycle of the regulatory role of the market. The market is very clever, the company is generally killed should be killed. Over the past several decades or even centuries, many stars, but long-lived companies rarely, many companies fall but suddenly. From which you will find a law, in fact, there is a fire in each era, in 1903, when Lake brothers successful flight test, a lot of aircraft manufacturing companies have become the most dazzling star of the era. At the time, almost 350 of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange were related to the aircraft, but few of them were able to live today, except for boeing. Orville Wright (left) and Wilbur Wright (right).相关的主题文章: