Yunnan Yuanmou 9.17 debris flow disaster Chengdu Kunming railway network in the new recovery ca1810

Yunnan Yuanmou "9.17" debris flow disaster recovery operation: Chengdu Kunming Railway – Beijing new network in Kunming in September 23, (Cai Biwei Chen Kelin Tian Duanlei) 23, reporters from the third Armed Police Corps was informed that the day around 11:31, because of the "9.17" Yuanmou large debris flows interrupt the operation of 6 days of Chengdu Kunming Railway returned to normal operation. Yunnan Prefecture in Chuxiong province Yuanmou county "9? 17" debris flow disaster, destroyed more than 300 meters in the Chengdu Kunming railway, Chengdu Kunming railway from Kunming to Chengdu, interrupt, Xi’an, Urumqi and other more than 60 trains outage, circuitous run. To resume operation of Chengdu Kunming railway. Luo Xuan by Kunming Railway Bureau by laying pipe culvert and diversion of rivers, build Zhanqiao and other measures, 23 at noon at the opening of the temporary line, recovery of Chengdu Kunming Railway operation. As of 23, the Armed Police Corps hydropower third cumulative repair of debris flow disaster area in Yuanmou Lake channel 800 meters, washing filling 69100 party, broaden the main river 60 meters, 4 meters wide, played a key role for the recovery of traffic from Chengdu Kunming railway. To resume operation of Chengdu Kunming railway. Luo Xuan taken the next step, the Armed Police Corps hydropower third will continue to intensify operations, with the Kunming Railway Bureau in the premise of not affecting the transportation safety and order, in a temporary near Zhanqiao, re design and construction of steel girder bridges, the Sichuan Yunnan transport artery is more stable. (end)相关的主题文章: