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Zhang Xiaolong’s latest internal speech: alert KPI and process editor’s note: WeChat internal held a leadership conference every year, the participants were more than leader grassroots, middle-level management cadres. Recently, Zhang Xiaolong delivered a speech at the meeting, in the past examples of their own products and management thinking. On the one hand, he reiterated the value of the supremacy of efficiency; on the other hand, he also broke the outside world of the gods of their products set. Because God does not make mistakes, but only constant thinking and correction to keep the product vitality. The following is the full text of Zhang Xiaolong: WXG (WeChat business group) colleagues, good morning! Our annual leadership conference. As we all know, we WeChat team expansion is still relatively fast, there are more than 1 thousand and 500 people. In this regard, last night I had a chat with Tony, we have a big worry is that, when a team size especially when big, a lot of behavior will enter a "organization" behavior, in order to maintain some of the characteristics of their good will become very not easy. Here, I told everyone especially recommend a book, called "human history". Just the thought of this book, because the book reveals something out, for example, he said that when human beings in the ancient period, either a village of only 150 people, because there was no language as a tool, once more than 150 people, there is no way to hold up a group of people. You imagine, if there is no language tools, there is only a very simple way of communication. So he said, our memory is only suitable for dealing with interpersonal relationships within 150 people, once more than 150 people, it becomes a social organization. This time is not very comfortable for the individual, more than his comfort zone. When more than 150 people, this time depends on a language ability, imagination or a rule of imagination to maintain this relationship. We are in such a transitional phase, when we have more than 150 people, our organization has been completely different. I remember when I was in Nantong, including a lot of colleagues from Nantong, will have a deep impression, I think there are some contrast. In Nantong, when we are on the first floor, everyone is walking just to another seat, to discuss the problem of looking for a white board began to discuss, we feel that time has very high efficiency. But now we feel the need to do a communication must make an appointment, or to open a video conference and so on, here a is not only our organization, to all organizations are very challenging, for the scale of hundreds of thousands of human nature more than capacity to say, how to keep you a very high efficiency of communication, or a very close relationship. If you look closely at the issue, all organizational behavior and a wide range of philosophy of corporate governance will be discussed. My concern is that we, as a group of thousands of people, if the 10 team as a team, then I think it is the 150!相关的主题文章: