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Zhang Zhaoyang: 2017 Sohu’s competitiveness will be re – Sohu technology November 8th, Sohu WORLD conference held in Beijing, Sohu board chairman and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang delivered a speech. He said that the Sohu is an ideal company, is committed to make better products and services to bring users thousands on thousands of value, "how in the product technology company called bring value to the user of this makes me very excited to do? Basically is two aspects, we choose the field of competition and provide services, one is information, one is entertainment." At the same time, Zhang Zhaoyang also mentioned in the news broadcast, video client, Sohu, Sogou business layout, and determined, "technological progress always let us enter the online Big Party, which promote the idea of speed communication and innovation, to a singular point of time. In the future, Sohu group will become a whole ONE square to move forward, 2017 Sohu competitiveness will re outbreak." The full text of the speech is as follows: friends, friends of the media, especially the broad masses of partners in the afternoon good afternoon! This is a discussion of the integrated marketing conference, but I would like to take this opportunity to explore it as one of the most important things a phenomenon on the Internet may occur in such a China decades, mode and development of it, an example of Sohu. The Internet has entered this year, the whole world for 94 years to now the first 22 years, I was fortunate enough to participate in the whole process of it. Now the Internet into the depth of the zone, in this depth of the area will be more exciting, it can be said that the first half has just ended, the second half has begun. What do I see in this depth? First of all, the use of the Internet on the Internet, making our Internet time increased by ten times, from your eyes in the morning to open the phone before going to sleep at night, the day is always online. At the same time, because of the development of 4G and WIFI bandwidth is not a problem, so that the text, pictures, video, as well as live streaming and future VR, etc. will be very smooth transmission. At the same time, go up to do what? A social network, so we have to look at what whenever and wherever possible to check the message or your friend doing what, all of these advances in technology led, we really caused a long time before the dream of what can be achieved when the state of the so-called forever online now, people you know or don’t know in 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep except of course the big Party, at any time and any place. Even if people no longer meet, we can know the opposite dynamic, even it is not live to see what they are doing, after VR is simply wearing a glasses feel he is here, all human beings or people you know the circle into a large Party. Our work and life will be like before Bill Gates in a book about business or the whole life think of where to where, finally the whole world to change the speed of your thought to decide, the speed of the whole humanity in all fields of knowledge accumulation!相关的主题文章: