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Zhao Xiangbin: the price trend rebound gold and silver still have the opportunity? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After a week of non-agricultural market as of Friday review, the dollar is down has been stabilized, and then failed to hit the top of the gold and silver by back test below support; oil prices down is a continuation of the rebound trend, rising in the direction of abnormal visible. Analysis and summary of various factors, the change and the constant in which, let us look at what factors? 1 different varieties of the trend characteristics and direction of the foreign exchange market in the United States that the bottom of the 94.5 point rally higher closing at 95.04 points, 9 points lower this morning the adjustment in 94.92 points; the euro dollar down to close at 1.1260 points, slightly higher this morning, up to 1.1270 points after operation; GBPUSD dropped two consecutive trading days closing in 1.3294, operation this morning rebound to 1.3308 points; the Australian dollar fell down in the vicinity of 0.7642 runs near this morning rebound to 0.7650 points; the dollar yen bottomed 101.39 points rebound near 102.496 points, after adjustment to lower this morning near 102.268. The crude oil market hit a maximum of $47.74 a barrel, and oil prices rose to a new level, a step closer to $49.36 in August 19th. The gold and silver market fell below the key support fell to $1336.5 and around $19.58; two consecutive trading days has been falling trend; on Tuesday rose trend constitutes an important test. 2 kinds of market factors change first, the United States that are subject to a variety of support rally in the United States announced in September 3rd the number of jobless claims was 259 thousand, 26.5 and 263 thousand lower than the market forecast and the former value; boost the dollar index to stabilize rebound. Secondly, the European central bank interest rate market triggered waves of the European Central Bank yesterday evening at 19 announced the decision, expected to maintain interest rates unchanged at 0%, while bank deposits in -0.4% overnight interest rates remain unchanged. European Central Bank President Delagi announced no further monetary stimulus plan, the current monetary easing is still 80 billion euros. Third, changes in the factors reflected in the following aspects of Delagi while maintaining monetary policy unchanged, but he said the quantitative easing will continue to inflation path consistent with the European Central Bank objectives, and perhaps this is a fact disguised extension of monetary policy; this does not exclude the impact of the market reaction stimulated speech. The view that the 1 president of the European Central Bank’s speech left monetary policy adjustments in the future that remain unchanged, perhaps deliberately suppress the current exchange rate of the euro and for, in order to obtain the low exchange rate advantage to help the development of the European economy. 2 apparently does not need the support of the United States that, in addition to its own economic data support, can also have other economies such as poor performance support. 3 dollars to plunge apparently相关的主题文章: